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Phoenix’s Reliable Tile Roofing Professionals

Phoenix Reliable Tile Roofing Professionals

AZ Shingle Pros is a Phoenix, AZ, roofing company offering tile roof repair and replacements. Tile is a wonderful roofing material that is well-suited for Arizona’s hot and dry climate. Compared to asphalt shingles, tile may cost more, but a tile roof will also last longer, be more durable, and better insulate your home.

Whether your home is already covered with a tile roof or you are looking to upgrade, our roofing specialists are ready to help. Let us know what your vision and budget are, and we can find the best tile roofing solution that meets your needs. Contact us to schedule your estimate today!

Brands of Tile Roofs We Install

We offer a variety of concrete roofing products for your tile roofing needs. Our roofing specialists will present you with choices that meet your needs and budget.

Eagle Roofing Products

Eagle Roofing Products manufactures concrete roof tiles that come in a variety of styles. You can find a tile shingle shape that matches the rest of your home’s architecture, as well as a color that complements your decor! For one of the best products to resist fire, wind, hail, and ice, Eagle Roofing Products are top-notch.

Newpoint Concrete Roof Tile

Newpoint Concrete roof tiles are manufactured by Westlake Royal Building Products and designed to boost curb appeal and home values. These tiles are made with a multi-dimensional design that makes your home look the best on the block while also offering superior durability. They are also locally made with materials sourced in Arizona!

Benefits of a Tile Roof in Phoenix, AZ!

Why are tile roofs so popular in Phoenix, AZ? Here are a few of the top reasons why:

Tile Roofs are Heavy Duty

Tile roofs are incredibly durable against high winds, fire, and hail. When you install a tile roof over your home, you can feel confident that you, your family, and your belongings are well-protected!

Tile Roofs are Long Lasting

Tile roofs are known to last for 50+ years, but there are many centuries-old homes that still have their original tile roof! With proper maintenance, it’s possible your tile roof will be the very last roof your home ever needs.

Tile Roofs are “Cool”

Tile roofs are not just cool in style, but they actually help cool your home more efficiently than other roofing materials because they are naturally insulating. Light-colored tile takes it a step further by reflecting heat, as well.

Tile Roof FAQs

How long do tile roofs last in Phoenix, AZ?
Tile roofs can last over 50 years in Phoenix, AZ, when properly installed and maintained. Our team can help install your tile roof correctly and provide recommendations on how to upkeep your tile roof to last for decades.
Do tile roofs require an underlayment?
We highly recommend installing underlayment on any residential roof, whether it’s tile or shingles. Roofing underlayment benefits your home by adding an extra layer of waterproof protection in the event your roof gets damaged.
Are tile roofs prone to leaking?
When properly installed with quality materials, it is highly unlikely for your tile roof to leak. Over time, it is possible for leaks to happen if your roof was damaged in some way or if your roof is getting old. We recommend getting annual inspections on your roof to stay on top of maintenance and repairs so that your roof can last its longest potential.

Is it time to replace some tiles on your existing roof or upgrade your entire roof altogether? AZ Shingle Pros is here to help! We can present the best tile materials that will suit your vision and budget. Give us a call today for a consultation and we’ll get you a free estimate for your next roofing project!

What Our Customers Say

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00:11 10 Apr 24
A microburst in 1996 damaged my carport and patio. My roof was replaced and the leaks began. My roof was then repaired and the leaks continued. Now 2024 and Todd left a flyer on my door. Glad he did. On initial inspection he identified and shot video of the problem and the damage. Todd then showed me the video and explained the issues and solution to me. Az. Shingles made the whole process easy. Friendly, courteous, effective communication and prompt. All that I expect and appreciate from a business. After completing the job we had two good rains. Not a single leak !!! Nothing like having the right people doing the job. I'd post a photo but I'm afraid of heights. Thanks Todd and all the folks at Az. Shingles Pro.
Tom W.
Tom W.
23:47 09 Apr 24
The AZ Shingle Pros team were courteous, extremely efficient and professional. They are a tribute to their company and their industry. How rarely refreshing this experience had been!
Jackie W.
Jackie W.
19:11 05 Apr 24
AZ Shingle Pros just finished my roof. I was very stressed about making this decision on my own. Well, Mike & his whole staff made this process so smooth & efficient! It was a breeze. Mike showed up ON-TIME for the estimate appt, his crew arrived 1/2 hr early for job, his office staff keep you up to date on everything that is taking place. They help you with the insurance paperwork too. This entire company is first rate. If you or anyone you know needs these folks. Great price, great service & fantastic job!!
Jim J.
Jim J.
01:56 05 Apr 24
I am providing my review months after the work is completed and we got above average spring rains. I needed replacement of the underlayment.Mike and team were great to work with the whole way through!!The best measure of a company is what happens if something does not go exactly right. I had a couple picky things to address during install. Just about placement of the new tiles. No push back and great collaboration!Then, after being done with the job a few months a cap fell off a vent. It was an issue with the vent tube, not their work. Desire that they came out to replace it... No questions and same day. I was shocked! He even touched up a couple things unsolicited by me.Highly recommend and thanks for living up to the high ratings you already get. AZ Single Pros is the real deal!!
19:30 30 Mar 24
Az shingle pros did an amazing job. The office team helped me file my claim, and they also met with the insurance adjuster the day of my inspection. They were so professional, and answered all my questions promptly. I will refer them to all of my family members and closest friends when they’re ready for a new roof.
Jon C.
Jon C.
18:52 30 Mar 24
Todd and his staff were excellent to work with from start to finish on our newly purchased vacation home. Top quality product and service with excellent communication. They were quick, curtious and clean. I highly recommend them for any of your roofing needs!